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Dunoon Primary School

    Dunoon Primary School has been shortlisted in the built heritage category for the refurbishment of the retained part of the building as well as a new extension, designed by Ryder Architecture. The retained grade B building makes up two thirds of the area and accommodates most of the primary teaching and learning spaces. The smaller extension accommodates the sports hall, early years and family learning centres.

    The massing of the extension is simple and proportional to the retained element, is similar in scale to the building it replaces, and is appropriate to the scale of the immediately surrounding buildings. A new light filled entrance and circulation link replaces the existing north east stair tower. The new link mediates between the new and retained elements, providing the natural entrance for the new school, and incorporates a setback at second floor to allow the massing of the link to successfully address the slope of the existing gable roof.

    Photos copyright Keith Hunter.

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