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Egg Shed

    The Egg Shed in Ardrishaig was designed by Oliver Chapman Architects and has been shortlisted in the aesthetic design (large scale) category. The new visitor and community centre for Scottish Canals provides facilities for both visitors and local residents, creating a tourist destination and community resource and bringing jobs and economic benefit to the area. Space is provided for interpretation and orientation through a permanent exhibition on the rich history of the area, its natural heritage and the design and engineering of the canal itself, with supporting retail and new landscaped external public realm.

    The new building has an industrial appearance, but one which adds an aesthetic emphasis to detailing. The simple pitched-roof form of this existing building has been taken as a template and extended across the new structure, with new walls and roofs clad in red steel. This material was chosen for its durability and long lifespan as well as high aesthetic and performance standards to ensure that these are suitably robust for the exposed site, with the colour palette of new materials carefully selected to complement the local chlorite schist of the existing masonry building. Within the footprint of this original building the new form emerges from within the old masonry shell; a visual expression of the continuing development of the site.

    Photos copyright Angus Bremner.

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