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Eilean de Mheinn

    Eilean de Mheinn is a private dwellinghouse close to Crinan Harbour which is a redevelopment of an existing bungalow and has been shortlisted in the aesthetic design (small scale) category.  The scheme sought to utilise the existing building while at the same time maximising the benefits of the wonderful island location. The building was extended vertically into the loft of the existing and also onto the rock ridge to the west. The floors were reversed so that the bedrooms overlook the shady calm and cosy garden area, while the main living space on the upper floor benefits from wilder panoramic sea views over at least 270 degrees.

    To minimise its impact, the ground floor extension is constructed with a matching pebbledash finish. The upper floor is clad in locally grown larch, covered by a slate roof. The use of glazing curtain walls and extensive fenestration in the extension maximises the range of views and the amount of natural light into the living areas. The screen to the west which faces the prevailing weather is faceted both to deal with the wind and to minimise reflection from the sea. The deck to the west enhances the view as it carries the eye towards the islands over the Sound.

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