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Argyll and Bute’s offer to the world has continued to be developed and promoted to potential new residents, visitors and investors. Inward investment has been attracted to the region due the high quality of life we can offer, the benefits of our scenic, coastal location with much of the area in close proximity to Scotland’s central belt, our stunning built heritage and our increasingly diverse rural economy with a growing reputation for innovation.

Argyll and Bute’s food and drink industry was recognised as a growth sector given the region’s pristine natural environment and long standing tradition of whisky distilling.

Aquaculture in Scotland is diverse, from the farming of salmon and other finfish species, to the production of mussels and oysters, to the harvesting of seaweed.  

In Argyll and Bute we have a strong cultural identity, rich in the Gaelic language, archaeology, architecture, film and TV music and the visual arts.

Argyll and Bute is at the heart of renewable energy development in Scotland by taking full advantage of its unique and significant mix of indigenous renewable resources.

Given our outstanding natural and built environment, Argyll and Bute will always have a lot to offer tourists visiting our area.