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Stafford Street

    A single storey rear extension to a dwellinghouse at Stafford Street in Helensburgh has been shortlisted in the Under £100,000 category. This was designed by Clark Design Architecture and features an asymmetric roofline and high level glazing. The space inside is flooded with natural light and brings the outside in with the extensive glazing.

    High quality materials have been used throughout. These quality materials will stand the test of time and thereby reduce waste, slate was used rather than the cheaper alternative of concrete tiles. Aluminium clad, timber double-glazed window frames were used to maintain the high-quality material palette. Wooden window frames are the much more sustainable option when compared to typically used UPVC frames.The thermal efficiency of the extension was another important factor. As it is a large, open plan and glazed space, lower U-values were achieved than those required by building regulations. This was to ensure it was not a cold, uninviting space. As the glazing was north facing, overheating the space was not a concern.

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